『The SHOW』

This non-verbal, cross-genre physical comedy is colored with mime, acrobatics, magic and drama.
Cinematic techniques such as angle changes, zooming effects and speed manipulation create unique 3-D experiences reminiscent of Japanese Anime. This omnibus performance, which has high visual effects, leads everyone to the hilarious and unexpected multihued world. Anyone including kids of all ages is very welcome. It’s a Japan pop sketch comedy show filled with laughter and surprise and shouts of joy!
“THE SHOW” can be performed in theaters as well as in schools, community centers, etc. The length of “THE SHOW” can be flexible.
It can range from 50-90 minutes depending on the number of short stories you would like to see.

THE SHOW was performed in… Japan (Tokyo, Shizuoka) France (Paris, Avignon) China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan)

『Audiences of every generation are fascinated by this show which came to them from
 the other side of the earth!』ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーDNA

『Magical Mystery Tour』

“Magical Mystery Tour” is a beautiful, mysterious, poetic physical comedy. It takes you on a dreamy journey to a magical world. Ordinary objects, for instance, like newspapers, umbrellas and red-strings transform into the dynamic components of “Object Theatre”. The modern pulse of J-pop culture blends with the ancient simplicity of traditional Japanese art to create a synergistic piece of visual art. “Magical Mystery Tour” was acclaimed especially in France, South America and China. Audiences will be touched warmly by an unforgettable experience. Summary A headless man opens the show. Then the crazy conductors of this “Magical Mystery Tour” toast to celebrate the start of this story about Yoko Minato, the leading actress of the movie “Hall of the Fear”. This journey follows Yoko’s initial success and her downfall and then her comeback as an actress. Show time: 60 min

“Magical Mystery Tour” was performed in… Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Shizuoka) France (Avignon, French Guiana) China (Shenzen)

『Watching ‘to R mansion’perform brought me to a world of dreams that energized me.』
       ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーLa Marseillaise

『Flying Shuwa Shuwa Carnival』

☆The splendid artists of “to R mansion” along with other guest artists bring you a spectacular performance! This performance is
a wonderful, multilayered experience filled with dance, music, mime and enormous illustrated storyboards!
Audiences of all ages will be surprised and fascinated by this hilarious and fantastic show!!

The first showing in March,2011@PARTHENON TAMA Organaiser:公益財団法人多摩市文化振興財団


『Break“0”』Supported by ANA(2010)


『Twins in Jungle Gym』(2009)

『A STORY』(2007)

All photo by Masami Suzuki
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