Formed in 2007, the award winning company ‘to R mansion’ is led by the artistic director, Hanabi Uwanosora. Ms. Uwanosora directs and performs with 3 other talented artists from a wide range of backgrounds. ‘to R mansion’ travels all around the world and performs in theaters, schools, festivals and on streets. ‘to R mansion’ engages and inspires audiences of every generation through their non-verbal performances and imaginative workshops. Their beloved performances will amuse you, surprise you and move you! There is no way you should miss them!!

< The Performance Character>

 The performances are based on mime, drama, dance, acrobatics and magic.
The performance artists use dynamic body movements and great humor as they perform.


Kobe Biennale 2007 Street Peformance Competition: Grand Prize (2007)
“Gei-wan” (Performance-King) Grand Prix 2008, Kanto: Grand Prize (2008)
Fukuyama Street Performance Grand Prix: Gold Prize (2008/2009)


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