『I was fascinated by all of this spectacle!
Everybody must come to the theatre!
I found plenty of fantastic moments in their show!!』
---Jean Paul Gaultier(Fashion Designer)Avignon festival in 2013

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『'to R mansion' fascinated the entire audience in Poju park. Since the numbers of 'to R mansion' fans are increasing, the festival needs to arrange a much bigger performance space for them next year!』

Vosges matin/2015

『'to R mansion' was featured in a photograph on the front page of the newspaper in Epinal, France.』

Vosges matin/2015

『The festival called 'Parade' features Japanese pop culture by introducing the hilarious show ' Cinema Paradise' which is performed by 'to R mansion'.』


『No one ignores the innovative creativity of 'to R mansion'. They performed in Spain for the first time. 'to R mansion' creates a very swinging show by cleverly interweaving famous movie scenes.』


『Their shows are loved by audiences of all ages! In Avignon, the show had a great number of kids in the audience. They successfully fascinate every single person at their performance』

Vers l'Avenir/2014

『The Show ‘Break 0’ has a touch of craziness that surprises and exhilarate the audiences . Audiences of every generation are fascinated by this show which came to them from the other side of the earth!』


The French leading newspaper 'Liberation' featured the "to R mansion" show, Break '0', through funny caricatures.


『Their show was exhilarating. Watching ‘to R mansion’ perform brought me to a world of dreams that energized me. I felt like I just drunk a large cup of coffee or a nice, cold Red Bull.』

La Marseillaise/2013

『The hilarious and splendid world. These movements create stunning and innovative scenes. You will be inspired and thrilled by the creativity of these performances and will treasure the experience.』

La Marseillaise/2013

『"The Headless man is walking !?" The town was filled with merry laughter! The audience became glued to the marvelous, and totally unexpected 'to R mansion' show.』

The Tokachi/2013

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『15年間、もう数えきれないくらい沢山の凄いものを観てきたけど、今年まだ、驚くことがあった。to R mansionのシネマパラダイス。こんな発明的なものがあったなんて!』



『’to R mansion’ was selected as one of the best 20 shows out of the 1028 shows of the ‘Avignon Off’ festival!』

La Provence/2010



The Vaucluse/2010

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