<Education Program>

‘to R mansion’ offers creative and imaginative physical performance workshops to a wide range of people. The workshop program is based on the curriculum of the International Theatre School of Jacque le Coq in Paris.
Programs are arranged based on participant’s ages, experiences and goals.
These workshops will cultivate your imagination and bring you delightful physical and creative experiences.
‘to R mansion’ has had workshops all over the world including France, Belgium, China and South America. Some of the specific programs are:

--Enjoy Your Creativity!--

<Targeted ages: From young kids to adults>

In this impromptu physical workshop, participants can enjoy creating physical expressions by using their own bodies and everyday objects. This program has been held in nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools and other educational facilities

--Experiencing Techniques of Mime--

<Targeted ages: From teenagers to adults, especially suitable for middle and high school students>

By practicing major mime techniques, you can feel and create invisible walls, blow up invisible balloons, get on an invisible escalator, etc. This workshop is good for both small groups and groups as large as 1,000 participants. Become a performer through studying mime!

--Create New Characters--

<Targeted for: Professional actors, performers and persons with acting experiences>

Learn how to create new characters and develop personal and individual expressions that are uniquely yours. This program uses the methods of Jacque le Coq.




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